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Take a course on health and human rights advocacy. Learn from other activists. Discover the tools you need to make change locally and globally.


Take a free online course on human rights advocacy. It’s based on our Know It, Prove It, Change It! curriculum -- developed over a decade working alongside grassroots activists in Asia.


Get the tools you need to get started. Watch videos of successful advocacy campaigns from around the world. Find examples of research reports, consent waivers, and other advocacy materials.


Hear from health & human rights advocates about how they got involved in this work, how they stay motivated, and what they’ve learned through their work.


Help build our resource library. Submit your advocacy tools, your latest report or video, or a case study of your work.

Become a leader in your community. Start working for social change.

This site will help you develop new skills and strategies, and connect with people around the world raising their voices for justice. Hear how people just like you are fighting -- and winning -- on everything from access to healthcare and COVID-19 vaccines, LGBTQIA rights, and ending police violence.

The course

Discover the tools you need to make change locally and globally

Take our certificate course for free. It comes with access to all the tools in our resource library.

Know It, Prove It, Change It!Our course will teach you to know your rights, document rights abuses, and wage effective advocacy.

Know it.

Learn about human rights frameworks, and how to assert your community’s fundamental human rights.

Prove it.

Develop the skills to document human rights abuses and collect evidence to make your case.

Change it.

Create a winning advocacy strategy. Identify your allies and those you can influence to push forward change. 

Share it.

Share your success stories, challenges, defeats, and insights with us, so others learn and build from your experiences.


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