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This free course was developed by Drexel University’s Dornsife School of Public Health. Over 10 modules, you will learn about the international rights frameworks and how it can be used for change (Know It). How to collect evidence of rights abuses (Prove It). And how to launch effective advocacy campaigns (Change It). It focuses on issues including access to healthcare, freedom from discrimination, and access to justice, which have never been more relevant.

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10 Modules

1. Intro to Know It, Prove It, Change It

Get acquainted with fundamental concepts of human rights advocacy.

2. The Basics of Human Rights

Explore the international human rights framework and learn about basic human rights including the right to health, and how international rights mechanisms can be leveraged to assert your community’s rights.

3. Realizing Your Rights

Learn the difference between stigma and discrimination, tips for working with affected communities, and the impacts of criminalization on marginalized communities.

4. Doing Human Rights Research

Start learning to document rights abuses – and create a plan and timeline to collect quantitative data and compelling stories to provide proof of what’s happening.

5. Conducting Interviews

This module covers the six elements of conducting ethical interviews from preparing questions and obtaining informed consent to building rapport with interviewees and avoiding re-traumatization when discussing difficult events.

6. Analyzing Data & Writing Reports

We break down the steps to produce a compelling report: making sense of your data; analyzing your results; identifying areas where you need more information, and getting down to the business of writing.

7. Preparing to Launch an Advocacy Campaign

Learn winning advocacy strategies. Come up with an advocacy plan that takes into account the risks, political environment, role of community members, and short- and long-term goals for making change.

8. Creating a Strategy Advocacy Plan

Refine your advocacy plan by making sure you are setting realistic goals, considering your organization’s strengths, and coming up with activities most likely to influence your targets and achieve your ultimate goal of changing the way people are treated.

9. Building Support among Donors, INGOs, and UN Agencies

Learn to build relationships with allies who can influence the targets of your advocacy audience such as funders, United Nations rapporteurs, and international nonprofits. Learn how to engage with the United Nations system.

10. Enlisting Media & Mobilizing Communities in Your Campaign

Figure out how media and community mobilization fit into your advocacy strategy. Learn the pros and cons of holding direct actions, building coalitions, and using social media to share your findings or call out abusers.

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Throughout the course, you'll have the chance to develop an advocacy strategy for an issue you're working on.

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10 modules – each takes about an hour to complete

20+ video lectures 

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Take all at once, or earn certificates for Know It, Prove It, and Change separately.

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